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RUCKUS are having a break as you all probably realise because of the Corona virus. All upcoming gigs have been cancelled and it's going to be tough on so many people in all manner of industries but especially the entertainment and hospitality industries.
Take care out there, be kind to people around you and when it's all over we'll kick it all off with a RUCKIN" BANG!!! So keep an eye out.
Love to all our RUCK and RUCKETTS and see you soon.

HOT OFF THE PRESS..........YEP IT'S HERE..........FINALLY!!!  Our new latest release CD "LOVE THIS COUNTRY" is in our hands.
With 7 original songs and 4 great covers there will be something for everyone.
If you want to get a copy before then you can email on $25.00 online includes postage and handling $20.00 at gigs.


'LOVE THIS COUNTRY' The single, entered the Australian top 40 Country charts at No. 26 last Jan and climbed up the charts. A VERY BIG thankyou to everyone who has supported us and the radio stations who play our music. We love you.

And some GREAT NEWS. RUCKUS entered their latest CD and original songs to the Canberra Country Music competition and came away with not one but EIGHT AWARDS..........Yep EIGHT AWARDS and they are..........DA DAAAAA
Best Country Album....'Love This Country'
Best Engineering and Production.......Gavin Parker who helped us emmensley
Best Album Cover Artwork
Best Contempary Country song.......'Love This Country'
Best Traditional Country song..........'Smiley What about the Roses'
Best Country Rock song.................'Denim n Dust'
Best Honky Tonk song...................'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover'
Best Alternate Country song          'Tessie'

Our instrumental 'Couldn't be Bothered Singin' Song' also made it into the top thirty in the ASA 'Australian Songwriters Association" actually coming in at no 12. Which is another pat on the back considering the quality and amount of entries in this very prestigous competition .

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The name "RUCKUS" evolved from a particularly eventful night experienced by some of the founding band members at an outer suburban venue of questionable repute(hmmm!!).

Calling all RUCKETTES!

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If you would like to see our video clips on CMC you can go to and follow the link to the request page and request "Smiley, what about the roses?" by "Michael Abrey"
And don't forget you can still request "Devil Pub" RUCKUS and also "Truckers wife" RUCKUS: Country/ Southern rock Music.

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